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This plot type is common in Light Novel series and their adaptations, probably because of the low production costs, and the lack of hostile market competition, that allows writers to lengthen a plot for dozens of volumes. Subverted by the School Days anime. Deconstructed near the end of Saber Marionette J to X.

Her parents speaks Vietnamese around the house at times. Edit Memory Days is another sim date from the "Days" series by Pacthesis.

She had a hiatus from making games and art on deaviantART.

Star Days Sim Date

Oliver says goodbye to Alice and a short animation appears. He smiled happily and gave you a kiss. After your rejection, he said sorry for his selfishness and told her to go home. Another guy falls in love with Bloodberry, but is content to let her be with Otaru. He then learns that Otaru actually has this trope and is not happy, accusing Otaru of leading all 3 girls on just to spare his own feelings.

Ultimately, most of the harem is unresolved at the end of the manga, AND it takes a flashback scene within its stealth sequel to give the fans the much-needed resolution. It seemed to start out averting the harem tropes, but thanks to a major arc it became an actual harem with Keima unwillingly pursuing 5 girls at the same time, in cooperation with another one of his harem members, all at the urging of yet another one of his harem members the one who at first it seemed might be the lead harem girl.

However, closer examination reveals a two-tier format, with Yozora and Sena being the main girls, and making the others a mixed-bag of genre tag-alongs. Days sim date games pacthesis ending is pretty much the same for all five but slightly different. It's not that he doesn't care about what happens to them, it's just that he has not shown any romantic affection of sorts for them You talk to him and your first action should be giving it back to him.

Edit In Lunar Days, the playable character, Karina had been having a recurring dream of being alone in the library with a book with a green colored plain cover in her hands; but every time she opened it, the dream would come to an end.

Players can choose which girl gets the highest tier by having them as his co-pilot during scenarios, but if they keep rotating on who's the co-pilot of the scenariothen the Mid-Season Upgrade of the Humongous Mecha Touya uses won't unlock its final attack.

A Subtrope of the Harem Anime genre, a Romantic Comedy with one male protagonist, and a bunch of girls who are all in love with him, and equally close to him. In this game you can see a meter that shows the level of relationship with the other characters.

Witch means you have to go on at least two dates. Demon King Daimao even made sure to show the girls for the same amounts of times, in the same situations in the opening and ending credits.

In Prom DreamsKyle Mason spends equal time with each of the three possible love interests. All of them happen to follow different endings such as Tick? He then learns that Otaru actually has this trope and is not happy, accusing Otaru of leading all 3 girls on just to spare his own feelings. They read "Alice in Wonderland" to their daughter Mary.

If you go to the door with the stick man on it that was locked earlier it'll be unlocked and choose to go in, he's in there. The thing is Keima is aware that he has a harem and manipulates them by acting like he has feelings for them occasionally so he can move along his plan to catch the bad guys and save the goddesses.

Oreshura is shaping up to be this. If Her Flag Breaks: In Saber Marionette JOtaru loves his three marionettes equally and they are fine with sharing him as long as he loves them all the same.

Contrast with Supporting Haremwhere one of the girls was always "in the lead". Her middle name was named after a French wartime territory in Vietnam.

In Super Robot Wars Judgmentmale protagonist Touya Shun has three girls vying for him, who also double as his co-pilots. Akane and Okiku in particular are absolutely delighted whenever a new girl pops up.

Wonderland Days Sim Date

By the time he meets Yumina the first girl to actually propose to him and make her intentions clearhe gets told by God himself that polygyny is A-OK in this new world and only a few episodes later, Yumina agrees to share him with the other girls, making Marry Them All the only sensible ending.

She decides to join "aliens" from different planets on an adventure to find out where loved ones go after death. Most if not all of the girls and one guy usually appear in every chapter and get equal amount of interaction with Souta because they all live under the same roof.

Lance then told her that he left as a lonely prince. For the whole season, Otaru deliberately tries to treat the trio of girls equally and not favour any one over the others - even working overtime to afford extra tickets for a vacation, so that he won't have to pick just one of them as a guest.

This deserves special mention, being the most loving and supporting harem ever written. This deserves special mention, being the most loving and supporting harem ever written.Romantic anime dating sim games for girls.

Play online now for free! Games. Dating Games; Xolga and Mr. Toko characters and more! Who will you meet and fall in love with? Play online for free now! Star Days Sim Date. Number Days Sim Date.

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Get your games in front of thousands of users while monetizing through ads and virtual goods. The Days Sim Date series is Pacthesis' current series of sim dates. It began with Festival Days in and is still ongoing with the most recent being Star Days, released in May Memory Days is a "revised" version of Anime Sim Date and Play Anime Sim Date for girls version by Pacthesis at A boy named Kaoru (who appears in Festival Days Sim Date) makes a deal with the devil to save his female friend named Rin.

Anime Sim Date Completed Play Here! Amy's first sim date and her only one for boys. Pacthesis Wiki is a FANDOM Games samoilo15.comt age: Play Anime Sim Date for girls version by Pacthesis at

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